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"A known and felt sense of self happens at all ages and takes many forms. Trans, Nonbinary and Gender Expansive children and youth are on the global stage as everyone weighs in on who they are and what they need. What they need is understanding, love and protection, to be listened to, and enduring family acceptance."  - J. Cohen 


J. specializes in working with LGBTQ+ persons, parents of LGBTQ+ children and youth and clinicians with LGBTQ+ clients. J. has specific expertise in Transgender, Nonbinary and Gender Expansive children and youth, issues of coming out to family or workplace, school and family navigation, identity exploration, exploration of gender regarding wishes for transition related steps, managing intimate relationships as an LGBTQ+ person and more.

J. is offering individuaL coaching and support groups (for LGBTQ+ adults and parents), and professional consultation groups. 

Groups are a flat rate of $65/group and meet weekly over Zoom PST. 

Current group offerings

  • Parent Support Group for those with Trans/Nonbinary/Gender Expansive kids/youth of any age 

  • Gender Joy! Group for Trans/Nonbinary/Gender Expansive/Gender Questioning Adults (transition, coming out in workplace/fam/friends/ dysphoria management, socialization w/ other TGNC folks)

  • Professional Consultation Group for those working with LGBTQ+ children/youth and their family systems

J. also trains and consults with businesses on DEIB workplace needs to address institutional bias, and build out Learning and Development for LGBTQ+ inclusion.


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