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The J. Cohen Consulting Group offers individual and executive leadership coaching, parent support, case consultation, training, support groups, workforce and organizational development services, and keynote addresses.


Visioned after a 25-Year career as a therapist, consultant, trainer, supervisor and program director, J. launched the J. Cohen Consulting Group in order to expand support to people, clinicians, organizations, and businesses on a national and international level. 

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J. (Jessie) Cohen (they/them) is a Trans Nonbinary Mental Health Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Group Facilitator.

J. brings over two decades of experience working with individuals, organizations, leadership, and mental health providers. J. holds subject matter expertise in serving Transgender/Nonbinary/Gender Expansive persons, Family systems, Youth with acute mental health presentations (self-harm & suicidality), Adoption, Workforce Development, Parent support, Those with histories of trauma, Case Consultation for Mental Health Providers, DEIB for organizations and institutions (to increase LGBTQ+ competency), and Personal and Business (executive leadership/strategic plan) Coaching. J’s approach to service is rooted in the notion that healing and change occurs when one is seen, held and understood in a frame of compassion and believes this is applicable to both individuals and businesses. 

J. developed an Intersectional Concept Model that offers a thoughtful and non-pathologizing frame to consider the best ways to address needs, increase competency, reduce suffering, and effect change. All services are informed by attachment theory, IFS (internal family systems), theories of learning and change, trauma healing, 12 step recovery models, solution focused coaching models, DEIB anti-bias principles, gender affirmative care and family systems theory. J. holds a Master’s degree in Social Welfare Policy from the University of Chicago, a Bachelor’s in Vocational Rehabilitation from Northern Illinois University and a Level I Certificate in (IFS). 

J. most recently served as Director of Community-based Clinical Services and Training at the UCSF Child and Adolescent Gender, Director at the California Institute of Integral Studies Pierce Street Counseling Center and Curriculum consultant at Palo Alto University LGBTQ+ academy. 
Click here to see examples of J’s work.

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