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IFS or Internal Family Systems is a model developed in the early 1980’s by Dr. Richard Schwartz that looks at people as whole based on a “parts of self” model. The idea is we all have “multiplicity” of self. While the model is used to treat depression, anxiety and trauma, it is widely applicable. 

For example, one part of you may not want to get out of bed in the morning, while another feels good about starting the day. Parts can also be more complex, like “the part that shys away from conflict” or in business “the part that struggles to manage up or delegate” and so on. J. utlizes IFS to help individuals and business leaders look at their interactive style. J. also utilizes IFS guided practice to address gender dysphoria, intimate relationships, career aspirations, creative method and parenting among other things. 

The core principles of IFS are that as we get to know ourselves more deeply we operate from a place of “self-energy” which includes a stance of calmness, clarity, compassion, curiosity, confidence, courage, creativity, and connectedness, as well as presence, patience, perspective, persistence, and playfulness. (IFS 8 c's & 5 P's)

J. utilizes IFS informed applications in strategic planning, individual coaching, group facilitation and so on. J. holds a Level I Certificate in IFS from the IFS Institute.

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