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J. offers support groups and case consultation groups.

Support Groups can be a powerful way to receive support in the company of others. There is documented evidence of positive outcomes from being with those who can relate and share experience around a common theme. 

Groups are a flat rate of $65/group and meet weekly over Zoom PST. 

J. is Currently offering 3 groups for Individuals:

  • Parent Support Group for those with Trans/Nonbinary/Gender Expansive kids/youth of any age

  • Parent Support Group for those with kids/youth ages 13-18 (general support/parent coaching)

  • Gender Joy! Group for Trans/Nonbinary/Gender Expansive/Gender Questioning Adults (transition, coming out in workplace/fam/friends/ dysphoria management, socialization w/other TGNC folks) 

Groups for Mental Health Providers* 

J. has run case consultation groups for over fifteen years and deeply enjoys supporting a process of clinician development through sitting and wrestling with clinical material. Consult groups invite collaboration and cohesion while also offering direct clinical guidance. While all cases are welcome, J. specializes in Child/Youth and Family Systems, acute mental health issues in youth (self-harm, suicidality, complex family dynamics, trauma) IFS, LGBTQ+ (particularly Trans/Nonbinary and Gender Expansive Youth) and supporting Middle and Executive level Supervisors/Directors. 

Current professional consult group offerings:

  • Weekly Case consultation with special emphasis on LGBTQ+ kids/youth and Family Systems.

  • IFS-Informed Weekly Consult: All cases with special emphasis on strengthening use of the model and working with own parts. Some exposure to IFS helpful to begin.

  • Supervisors/Managers/Clinical Directors Consultation Group – Supports development of leadership style, consult for managing staffers and programs.

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