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Consultation/Training / Keynotes / Executive Coaching / Organizational Development / Learning and Development

J. offers collaborative leadership and consultation, training, workshops, keynotes, organizational and learning development, and executive leadership coaching  to individuals, businesses and institutions. J. can cater services to smaller settings and to scale.  
J. is a seasoned consultant, speaker, trainer and coach, and holds subject matter expertise in LGBTQ+ persons, mental health, adoption, children/youth/family care, acute risk - self-harm/suicidality, workforce development, training the trainers and supporting managers. They have experience in healthcare, nonprofits, schools, legal settings, business, and government settings.

J. believes that change can be cultivated through intentional design and necessary conversations, when there is a level of emotional safety established. 

Executive Coaching is set up as a package to include amount of sessions, prep, curation of specific resources and technical assistance. Trainings, workshops and keynotes can be catered and offered in single talk or series (1-2 hr, half day, full day, multiple days, ongoing and intermittent support)

J. also offers case consultation groups for mental health providers.

Groups are a flat rate of $65/group and meet weekly over Zoom PST. 

Current Case Consultation Groups for Clinicians/Healers/Practitioners 

  • Weekly Case Consultation Group – all cases welcome with special emphasis on LGBTQ+ kids/youth and Family Systems

  • IFS- Informed Weekly Consult: All cases with special emphasis on strengthening use of the model and working with own parts. Some exposure to IFS helpful to begin.

  • Supervisors/Managers/Clinical Directors Consultation Group – Supports development of leadership style, consult for managing staffers and programs

To see examples of professional experience click here.

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